5 in 1 Electric Blow Dryer Comb Hair Curler


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✅ Item Type: Hair Dryer Comb
✅ Material: ABS
✅ Power: 1000W

1. Hold a handful of wet, non-dripping water hair bundle, set aside 10cm from the end, and move the hair styling tool vertically toward the end.
2. Hair will be wound automatically with air flowing. Move the hair styling tool towards the root of the hair without rotating and hold for 10 seconds.
3. Switch the cold air to finalize the designs for 5 seconds, close the machine and loosen.

Package List:
2 x Curling Tool
1 x Host
1 x Gathering Wind Nozzle
1 x Smoothly Comb
1 x Roll Comb
1 x Manual

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Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, White


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