Laundry Detergent Beads


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✅ About the USAGE
Machine Wash/ Hand Wash Instructions:
✅ Ingredients: Surfactant, Stain Remover, Soft Protective Agent
Step 1: Put the laundry beads on the bottom of the washing machine(no need to tear or cut)
Step 2: Put laundry in the washing machine bucket.
Step 3: Follow the normal procedure.

✅Hand Wash:
Step 1: Dissolve the laundry beads completely in water(no need to tear or cut).
Step 2: Put in clothes
Step 3: Rinse and rinse(stubborn stains need to be soaked)

✅ Efficient Stain Removal

✅Minimum of 50 Pieces/Set Per Order, You can choose any design, size, etc., and also its quantity per design but all total amount ordered by this product should be 50 Pieces/Set or more to proceed on Checkout/Payment

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100 Beads, 25 Beads, 50 Beads


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