Lipgloss Tube (5ml Gem Bottle)



-Dimensions: 74mm x 20mm
-Uses: Install lip glaze, lip gloss, lip oil, dye lip liquid and so on.
-All kinds of liquids, oils can be! Equipped with a leak-proof stopper on the bottle, good quality! Do not
leak without leaking oil!
• Flocked tip applicator
• Comes with plug to prevent leaks
• Can be used for lip gloss, liquid highlighter and more.
-Material: Plastic 

✅Minimum of 1000 Pieces/Set Per Order, You can choose any design, size, etc., and also its quantity per design but all total amount ordered by this product should be 1000 Pieces/Set or more to proceed on Checkout/Payment

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Black, Blue, Flamingo, Orange/Blue, Pink, White


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