Seasoning Spice Jar Set with Bamboo Lid and Spoon



✅Capacity: 300ml
✅Material: High Borosilicate Cold & Heat-Resistant Glass, Bamboo and Wood

1. It is made of natural bamboo and wood and undergoes manufacturing processes
such as turning, cooking, hot pressing, and disinfection to effectively prevent
mildew. Glass warm jug white wine glass set, one jug.
2. Crystalline high borosilicate glass tank, elegant and simple to clean.
3. Bamboo base, spoon, lid with high borosilicate glass jar.
The creative combination of bamboo and glass, enjoy health and natural life.

✅Minimum of 48 Pieces/Set Per Order, You can choose any design, size, etc., and also its quantity per design but all total amount ordered by this product should be 48 Pieces/Set or more to proceed on Checkout/Payment


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